Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD can create significant issues for adults trying to manage busy lives.  In addition, people with ADHD who are not diagnosed or not treated until adulthood struggle with unique emotional issues affecting their careers, self-esteem and relationships.   Many adults with ADHD are incorrectly diagnosed with depression or anxiety and as a result, do not improve with treatment for those conditions.

The diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD is one of Dr. Boisture's areas of expertise.  She enjoys working with adult ADHD patients in part because their lives can improve dramatically with appropriate treatment.  A good ADHD treatment plan doesn't only consist of medication.  You and Dr. Boisture will discuss medication options, but also consider nutritional and behavioral interventions to get you back on track.

If you have ADHD or think you do, call today to make an appointment for a thorough evaluation and compassionate treatment.  Life can be so much better.