Women's Mental Health

Dr. Boisture has specialty training in women's mental health, including perinatal psychiatry, and is experienced in evaluating and treating mental health issues unique to women.  These include:

   *Pre-conception planning for women with a history of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and ADHD

    *Treatment of psychiatric conditions during pregnancy

    *Post-partum mood and anxiety symptoms, including during breast feeding

    *Coping with return to work after childbirth

    *Marital stress following childbirth

    *Emotional consequences of infertility

    *Managing work-life balance

    *Coping with infidelity and divorce

    *Mood symptoms, anxiety and cognitive changes accompanying menopause

A Special Note About Pregnancy
The decision whether or not to start or continue psychiatric medication during pregnancy and while breastfeeding is very complex, requiring a careful analysis of the potential risks associated with both medication and the underlying illness.  There are no simple answers.  Dr. Boisture thoroughly evaluates her clients and helps them make the careful decisions necessary to manage their mental health.